Is your mobile build process where it should be?

You know you CI/CD & automating your tests will help your team. It might even be on the your product roadmap. But something else always is always top-of-mind. Get unstuck by hiring an expert that can get your team on the right path.

Do either of these this sound familiar?

Who has time?

We know we’d deliver better software with a better build system. But who has time? We need our developers working on our core features.

Are we doing this right?

Your tech leads are reading about continuous delivery and continuous integration (CI/CD) but don’t have any experience putting it all together. Picking the wrong solution can waste time and money. What are other companies doing?

You pay your developers too much to waste their time on boring, repetitive tasks. Increase your team’s velocity by automating them. Let your developers focus on the critical areas of your business where they produce the most value.

We can help

How does it work?

Sharp Five Software can set up your build process with equipment you control. We can start as simple as getting a build working on a clean machine and reporting unit tests. We can help you grow your CI/CD to any maturity that your business can support.

We’re big fans of Fastlane. Many companies already have a Continuous Integration (CI) system like Jenkins in place. From there you can host a Mac on your network, use a Cloud Hosted Mac, or you can skip all that and use a platform hosted CI option like Bitrise or TravisCI.

Sound like a lot of options? We can help you decide what’s right for your business.

Contact us to implement your build system.

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