The Problem

You’ve hired external developers to build your app but don’t have a way to validate their work. This is a recipe for disaster. Poor quality work and horror stories are common. New startups regularly waste 5-6 figures on code that doesn’t work and can’t be fixed.

If you need mobile expertise to validate external code we can help.

The Solution

Have the code reviewed by top developers. The kind you wish you could’ve hired in the first place. A pro app built by a top development shop is outside the budget of many early stage startups. But we’re providing top level advice for a fraction of the price. Consider us your Offshore Quality Control.

Questions we can answer

  • Am I getting what I paid for?
  • Is this app built so I can make changes as my business grows?
  • Is this app built to acceptable quality standards?
  • Are there obvious security flaws or malicious code in this app?
  • Did the developer use 3rd party libraries that could be a liability for my company?

Who uses this service?

  • Non-technical Entrepreneurs building apps with outsourced teams.
  • Agencies without iOS experience delivering iOS apps.

How does it work?

You provide the code. We review your app and report our findings by email or phone. Small projects start at $1000.


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Who are you anyway?

We’re developers top US agencies wish they could hire. More than just coders, we have years of experience helping business owners on define their software development strategy.

Will you sign my NDA?

Sorry. If we signed every NDA that came across our desk. We couldn’t work on any app in any industry. Don’t let this worry you. We believe ideas are cheap. It is the entrepreneur that makes or breaks a company.

What platforms do you support?

Our main focus is mobile (iOS and Android). But we have a partner network with experts in most modern technologies. Fill out our form. We’d love to hear from you.



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